Saturday, July 23, 2011


Resort Collections are always so much fun. I normally love the bright summer colors, but the Alexander McQueen 2012 Resort Collection was all neutrals. It was beautiful! It may be my obsession with everything Spanish since I married my sweetheart, but I think the spanish "matador" influence makes this collection. Beautiful!

Love everything about this dress, and with a few extra inches on the sleeve, it would be perfect! 

I'm in love with this jacket! When I'm rich and famous, it will be my first purchase!  

Love the handbag

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  1. Love them! But can I just say that this girl is so paper thin it scares me! hahahahah!

  2. I love the military inspired look (third from bottom up). I'd totally copy it if I were a little thinner :) The pumps on the second one from bottom up - I actually bought similar ones here in Brazil. They have an orangeish-reddish heel. I just love them! :)

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